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Auto Dealer Inventory Advertising

Advertising and marketing are a must for any business. Without it, you will not get very far. There are many ways you can advertise your dealer and website but some may work better than others. For example, when it comes to Auto Dealer Inventory Advertising posting your inventory on third party sites can really generate even more customers and sales as you spread out to other sites that will lead them to you. Here at PGI Auto, we offer many different advertising services including YouTube and Craigslist.

Auto Dealer Inventory Craigslist Advertising

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to using Craigslist to help advertise your online inventory. Craigslist switched from free to paid advertising which is a blessing in disguise as there is no more spam ads, false third-part leads, gimmicks, and more. It helps bring trust to the customer that you actually mean business. There are a lot of tips and strategies to follow to help make your ad stand out. This is why photos and title are the most important as they are what grabs the attention and makes them click on the ad.

Features for Auto Dealer Inventory Advertising

There are a lot of features that go into Auto Dealer Inventory Advertising especially for Craigslist and we take care of it all for you. Some of these features include daily photo updates, daily deletion of any sold vehicles, posting of new and used vehicles or both, posting in multiple cities, and more. We at PGI Data Solutions offer many different Craigslist posting features to help make posts stand out more and keep them up to date. What this will accomplish is you will attract those using Craigslist to find a car and can bring them over to your dealership and website especially if they are close by. These ads are especially good for used vehicles as a lot of people use Craigslist to buy used vehicles. Of course, you can also advertise online with YouTube,, and other third party sites.

If you are looking to expand and try to grab the attention of more people, we can easily help you with our Auto Dealer Inventory Advertising that includes Craigslist posting, YouTube posting, and more. We at PGI Auto can also help you out as we offer many different products, tools, and software to help you sell vehicles in many different ways. Our photo service uses professional cameras and photographers. If you have any questions, you can contact us at 877-622-2291.

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