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Auto Dealer Inventory Management

Whatever your dealership’s goals and current strategies, PGI Auto has packages and tools available to help make your inventory management even easier. With our consolidated distribution process, multiple packages, and a wide array of features, our inventory management solutions are specifically tailored to keep your time at the dealership a priority. However hands-on (or off) you want to be with your online auto inventory management, we’ve got the tools to help you get back on the sales floor quicker without constant worry over your online customers.

Auto Dealer Inventory Management Packages

To help with your Auto Dealer Inventory Management, PGI Auto offers our Inventory Online service in several different packages, with multiple levels of hands-on capabilities and additional add-on features to make the most out of your auto marketing strategy. With Inventory Online Essentials, you get the basic tools necessary to help streamline your inventory management process. Features include our distribution process, where we collect the most important data about your inventory, edit inventory presentation to make sure it looks its best, distribute that information and then syndicate it to your other marketing platforms seamlessly, making sure all information is consistent and accurate.

Additionally, you’ll get access to branding features such as custom window stickers and buyer’s guides, and access to our inventory pricing matrix. Inventory Online Overdrive, like the title suggests, takes the base features from IOL-E and it adds even more tools to help streamline your Auto Dealer Inventory Management. Inventory Online Overdrive adds features such as custom image overlays with integrated vehicle specs to highlight the most important aspects of your unique on-lot inventory. Additional features include Power Writer to help you customize and edit your vehicle descriptions, as well as access to mobile IOL.

The Ultimate in Auto Dealer Inventory Management

And with Inventory Online Ultimate, you get the base features of IOL-E, the additional features of IOL-O, as well as add-ons exclusively available with IOL-U. Available exclusively with Inventory Online Ultimate from PGI Auto are features such as the Aviary photo editor to help you edit your own inventory photos, Photocaster, RepGauge metrics, access to the Chrome Image Gallery, and integrated Image Enhancement for both new and used vehicles. Other available features with Inventory Online Ultimate include SnapLot, Kelley Blue Book Merchandising to help provide even more authority to your inventory branding and information, and New Car Merchandising.

To find out more about all of the features, tools, and services we have to offer to upgrade your Auto Dealer Inventory Management, contact us today at PGI Auto for a consultation on what would best fit your marketing model and dealership goals!

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