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Auto Inventory Management

The most important part of your dealer website is the inventory. A well-managed inventory helps get your cars out in front of your customers quicker and brings customers into the dealership with more frequency when all information is accurate and up-to-date.

Auto Inventory Management Made Easy

Auto Inventory Management
with PGI Auto makes this process easy and also helps you save time and focus on your dealership instead of the minutiae of online inventory. We can help you get your cars in front of your shoppers in no time. With our inventory management system, we help you by seamlessly displaying all of the details your customers want the most while making sure this information is up-to-date and accurate across all posting platforms.

This way, your customers are all seeing the same information, transparently and honestly, across all consumer touch points. With our inventory management system, Inventory Online, your dealership gets access to a whole range of features customized to fit your dealership’s goals, budget, and current marketing models. Auto Inventory Management with PGI Auto offers features such as full service and do-it-yourself programs, letting you pick how hands-on you want to be with the presentation and posting of your online auto inventory.

Also available are customized on-lot photo packages to make your inventory look its best, personalized window stickers and buyer’s guides to help promote your dealership’s unique branding, as well as custom photo overlays to help drive your message home and give customers another easy point of contact. Dealers even have the option to design custom vehicle brochures to use as email blasts or physical flyers.

How Auto Inventory Management Syndication Works

Inventory management works by aggregating necessary content and then distributing it to proper channels. With PGI Auto, we help your dealership by consolidating this process of collection and distribution. First, we collect your auto inventory information for applicable vehicles, including all of those small details your customers want. Then, we edit this data to enhance and find a way to best present your inventory in a dynamic and memorable way, not only making it easy for your customers to do their product research, but helps you catch their attention with eye-catching photos and accessibly organized information. This aggregated and edited data is then distributed to get it in front of your customers.

Finally, this distributed data can also be syndicated across multiple platforms, up-to-date and accurately. For additional information on Auto Inventory Management features and benefits with Inventory Online—specially designed with dealerships in mind—contact us at PGI Auto to find what packages and products would best fit your auto marketing strategy!

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