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Car Dealer Inventory Management

When you opt for Car Dealer Inventory Management with PGI Auto, you take advantage of a whole host of data management solutions for your automotive inventory. Our inventory management services ensure the accuracy of your inventory information, and the consistency and reliability of that information across listings and third-party platforms. PGI Auto’s goal is to provide multiple solutions to find the system that works the best for your dealership.

How Inventory Management for Car Dealers Works

With Car Dealer Inventory Management from PGI Auto, you first and foremost get an easy-to-use platform that allows for simplified processes to ensure accuracy and consistency. While the system allows for D-I-Y management as well, we also offer services where our inventory management system collects and aggregates your inventory data, and allows for further editing, enhancement, and customization to make sure your inventory is presented in the way that works the best for you.

Our inventory management polls your DMS data, pulls information from your dealer files, third-party vendors, and allows for additional manual entry. This way your inventory and VDPs are as robust, accurate, and comprehensive as possible. Your customers are searching online more often now for vehicles before they ever come into the dealership, so having the best information easily accessible is vital to the success of your online inventory.

Additional Benefits and Inventory Management Services with PGI Auto

After the information is collected with Car Dealer Inventory Management, PGI Auto transforms all of this raw data into digital vehicle display ads that are then delivered and syndicates to your network partners and third-party sites of your choosing. Distribution for your vehicle listings include your vehicle inventory on your website, OEM websites, varied online classifieds, and/or partner networks.

The management process includes real time updates, which also allows for ease of use when it comes to information changes or sold vehicles, so that not only are your listings consistent across platforms and networks, but that they’re removed or updated as needed together in real time. Additionally, our syndication process allows for posting to sites like AutoTrader, Craigslist,, AOL Autos, Yahoo!, and more.

Contact PGI Auto for additional information on our inventory management’s benefits and how it can work with your existing websites, inventory providers, and more. We are also happy to provide free demos of the management system. Get up-to-date information to your customers as quickly as possible on the platforms that matter to your dealership and marketing.

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