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Five Tips to Take Better Inventory Photos

When it comes to selling more vehicles and gaining more attention, quality photos should be required as without them, you might not generate any interest even with stock photos. If you are trying to take the pictures yourself, there are many tips you can follow that will make them stand out even more so you can gain the most attention. These Five Tips to Take Better Inventory Photos are the key to help you get what you desire.

Camera Tips to Take Better Photos

Some of the tips are the more obvious tips you can follow but are the most important. For example, the camera you use is highly important as well as the modes. For example, if you leave your camera on “Auto” or “P” mode, you will get less than stellar results. If you choose mode “A” or “Aperture” you will get a focus on the fore ground with a blurred background which will make the photo stand out even more. When you are taking photos, the mode you use on your phone is highly important as it can make the photo stand out.

Also, when taking pictures, make sure your lighting and setting is top notch as well. Where you are taking it can be beneficial. For example, a clean, open space is always preferred as you do not anything in the background that will either take away from the vehicle or show that you are taking a picture of the vehicle near a trashcan. If you are taking it outside, bright, overcast days are the best for lighting as you will not get too much glare.

Vehicle Tips to Take Better Inventory Photos

There are three other tips you can come across as well including image sizing, the subject of the picture, and how well the subject is. The worst thing you can do, especially with used vehicles, is take pictures of the vehicle before it is ready to sell. This means if it needs to be clean inside and washed outside. Taking pictures with a stain on a seat or dirty exterior is just unappealing even if you plan to have those things done later. These Five Tips to Take Better Inventory Photos will easily make your life easier.

Overall, when it comes down to selling the vehicle on your lot, great pictures are the way to go. Just follow these Five Tips to Take Better Inventory Photos and you will get more attention. We at PGI Auto offer a photo service with professionals so we can get you the best pictures possible. You can contact us at 877-622-2291.

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