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How to Set Up a Vehicle Photo Booth

There are something things you can do to get better ROI, however, one of the best investments is by making a photo booth for your vehicles. Nearly all buyers first see the vehicle online so it is very important to offer great, non-stock photos to view. There are many different ways of How to Set Up a Vehicle Photo Booth, and there are tips you can follow. By setting up a photo booth, you will gain a better ROI and it is money and time well spent.

Benefits to a Vehicle Photo Booth

There are many benefits you can get from a vehicle photo booth beyond improving your ROI. If you use photos booths to take pictures of the vehicles you are selling can also increase the flow of customers to your dealership. Today, more customers look online first before calling or stopping in because they want to see the type of vehicles you have. Obviously, the more pictures of the vehicle you have, the better. Photo booths also can make your car stand out more especially when it has been cleaned up and presented in the right light.

How to Set Up a Vehicle Photo Booth

You may be wondering How to Set Up a Vehicle Photo Booth by now so you know how to do it right. There are three important things to look for when it comes to setting up your photo booth. This includes space, lighting, and equipment. First, space all depends on the size of the vehicle. For space, typically you will want a 30’x30’ space as well as a higher ceiling so there is no reflection on the hood or roof of the vehicle.

The next thing to concentrate on is lighting. You want to keep the background and floor a neutral color like tan or gray as it allows you to get great vehicles of all the models without having to change the background constantly. You want to point the light at the walls around the vehicle and not at the vehicle directly to help avoid overexposure. Finally, when taking pictures inside, use flash so the pictures are not dull. You only need a standard camera to make this all possible.


When you are looking for more ways to get better ROI, photo booths are one of the best things to do. You give your customers better views of your vehicles before they come in which can get you more customers. There are many ways on How to Set Up a Vehicle Photo Booth as well. We at PGI Auto offer products to help better your inventory, ROI, and more. If you have any questions, you can contact us at 877-622-2291.

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