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How to Use Craigslist Posting Service to Sell More Cars

The question of how to sell more cars always comes up, as you can never sell enough. Or maybe you have seen a decrease in sales in recent weeks. There are many things you can do to help you out. You can even use craigslist but you need to know How to Use Craigslist Posting Service to Sell More Cars and use it the proper way. If you do it incorrectly, you may end up not selling any vehicles.

Why Use Craigslist to Sell Cars?

Before, Craigslist used to be free to advertise your vehicles, but now there is a fee that has scared people away from using it. However, a small fee should not scare any dealer away and, in fact, the new design of Craigslist features makes it even better for auto dealers. The first reason why you should like Craigslist adding a fee is that it drastically reduces the competition for advertising space. Before the pay fee was in place, anyone could post their used cars making thousands of irrelevant or redundant posts that clogged up the feed. Now with the fee, there are fewer redundant ad postings, making yours that much more visible and relevant.

Another great reason for Craigslist using a subscription-like service is that, back in the day of free ads, dealers would post a car hundreds of times in a day just all with different titles even though it was the same vehicle. This made it difficult for customers to look for cars when they would find dozens (or worse) of ads of the same vehicle over and over again. This problem, however, no longer exists. In asking How to Use Craigslist Posting Service to Sell More Cars, you’ll find the truth is that it has never been easier.

How to Sell More Cars with Craigslist Posting

Now with a small fee to post your vehicle, your chances to engage have increased. First, you can use call tracking on your ads which is one of the best ways to see how well your ad is performing. Including photos of your inventory, vehicle-specific per ad, is vital for customer engagement, giving your ad more reliability when the vehicle’s condition is clear for the customer to find up-front. A final best practice is to separate ads by vehicle, never combining multiple vehicles into one ad, even to save on nominal posting fees.


This is why using Craigslist to your advantage when it comes to selling vehicles is a smart way to go. If you need to know How to Use Craigslist Posting Service to Sell More Cars, we at PGI Auto can help you out. For questions or more information on our Craiglist posting services, contact us at 877-622-2291.

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