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Increase Sales With Amazing Inventory Photos

Your inventory is the most important part of your dealership, and finding the right way to showcase it to prospective drivers can be a daunting task. With a growing tendency for mobile and online research for vehicles, it is vital to be able to show your customers exactly what they would be seeing if they were on the lot instead.

On-Lot Photo Services vs. Stock Photos

While stock photos of your new vehicle inventory are quick and easy, if used predominantly (or even exclusively), they might actually be hurting your customer retention. Customers overwhelmingly respond better to on-lot photos, according to the 2014 Inventory Shopping Experience Study, which reports that approximately 70% of customers surveyed would not click through to a vehicle listing that used stock photos. Increase Sales with Amazing Inventory Photos from PGI Data Solutions and let us help relieve some of the pressure, time, and stress that taking photos of your entire inventory might pose!

Stock photos can leave the impression that all vehicle listings are alike, when often, nothing could be farther from the truth. Just like you would never advertise a used vehicle on Craigslist without photos, so too should your new inventory be represented! Between varying colors, body styles, and features, every vehicle on your lot is unique, even if straight off the factory line, and customers respond better to listings that make them feel like they’re seeing exactly what they’re getting. Let PGI Data Solutions help you Increase Sales with Amazing Inventory Photos that are made to help you stand out and above the competition.

On-Lot Photo Services with PGI Data Solutions

There are many reasons to utilize photo services with PGI Data Solutions, rather than opting for the easy stock photo route. We train some of the top photo representatives in the industry and equip them with all the latest technologies for optimum quality. Not only that, but we also offer local support with same-day response, and you’re talking to real people the whole time: we don’t push automated support. Your dealership is assigned a specific account manager and multiple photo representatives to help you get your inventory looking its best online while also still fitting into your busy sales schedule!

On-Lot photo services also provide vehicle walk-around videos, vehicle condition reports, and even integrated branding services using your photos, such as custom window stickers, custom brochures, and custom exporting. And in trying to Increase Sales with Amazing Inventory Photos with PGI Auto, our photo services also provide real-time uploads, customized photo packages, and adaptability to your fluctuating inventory. For more information on how on-lot photo services could help with your inventory marketing, or how our custom photo packages would best fit your dealership, contact us at PGI Auto at 877-622-2291.

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