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Inventory Management Tips for Car Dealers

Increasing your dealer site’s effectiveness, engagement, and overall performance has never been easier than with Inventory Management Tips for Car Dealers from PGI Auto. We are here to help you learn how to better manage your inventory, or provide the tools and services to help keep your inventory running at its prime. We offer a range of products to tie into your inventory management, from on-lot photos, to videos, to management services themselves.

Car Dealer Inventory Management Tips with PGI Auto

Your inventory is the most prominent and widely used part of your automotive website, so it is vital this portion of the site be utilized to its maximum potential. With Inventory Management Tips for Car Dealers from PGI Auto, we understand that one of the best ways to draw in prospective buyers and leads is with content that engages them. A simple listing full of specs and features may not always be enough. With mobile research and shopping at a continuous incline, grabbing customer attention to draw them into the details is vital.

This is why PGI Auto offers services for on-lot photos and video. Customers do a large part of their pre-purchase research online, and they want to be able to match your listing to a photo of the vehicle. They may be looking for superficial aspects like the car’s color or the layout and design of the car’s interior, or they may just want to view the overall car itself. Photos help with the transparency of your automotive listings, resulting in the trust of your buyers.

Tips for Better Dealer Inventory Management

Video provides an additional, albeit similar benefit. One of our Inventory Management Tips for Car Dealers is to invest in inventory video as well as photos. While photos may showcase certain aspects of a vehicle’s overall condition, video allows customers to take a tour of your inventory before they ever visit the dealership in person, and this first impression can be both engaging and customer-retaining. Video gives a better glimpse of your inventory in the stage of the purchase process where engagement matters the most.

PGI Auto also makes inventory management easy for our dealers with VIN decoding solutions, reports and progress checking, photo overlays, and more. Our inventory management makes online marketing easy with services designed for convenience at both ends of use (for dealers and customers), and allows for a great deal of customization to help you reinforce your branding while keeping people interested.

Find out more about PGI Auto’s services for inventory management right here on the website, or give us a call for additional details!

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