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Inventory Photo Tips for Car Dealers

Everyone knows that having photos for your inventory is very important when it comes to selling vehicles. However, if you do not take good pictures of the vehicle inside and out, it might be difficult for you to get the idea across of how the actual vehicle looks. There are many things that can ruin a photo like location and lighting. There are many Inventory Photo Tips for Car Dealers that you can follow to make it easier for you.

Vehicle Inventory Photo Tips for Auto Dealers

One of the biggest and most important tips you can use when it comes to taking photos is finding a nice, clean spot where you want to take the photos. This includes free of any clutter, trash, other vehicles, tools, etc. The only thing that should be noticeable in the photo is the vehicle itself. It is also better to use the same spot for all of your photos for every vehicle as it gives it a more professional and cleaner look. Also make sure the vehicles you are taking pictures of are clean to really show them off.

When you are taking photos outside, a bright overcast day is the best day to do so. If it is a sunny day, this can cause glare. Sometimes it is best to take photos outside as it can give them more detail especially if nature is in the background. These simple Inventory Photo Tips for Car Dealers can help increase sales.

Taking Effective Car Dealership Inventory Photos

It is also better if you use a nice, digital camera instead of a cell phone or something cheap. The better the camera, the better looking the photos will be. When using a digital camera, hold it for an extra second after the shutter is pressed. This will liken the chance of getting a great photo inside of one that might not be centered. Don’t stand too far away from the vehicle or too close. There can also be many settings on your camera so make sure it is set the way you want it as you might be taking a picture of too low or high of quality.

Use these Inventory Photo Tips for Car Dealers so you can get great photos. Without good looking photos, you may not sell as many vehicles as most people do a lot of car shopping online first before coming in. We at PGI Auto can help you take photos as we offer a photo service using digital cameras and professionals. You can contact us at 877-622-2291 if you have any questions.

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