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Inventory Window Sticker Buying Guide

There are many ways you can improve your overall inventory and attract more customers. One of these ways is with window stickers. Of course, there is an Inventory Window Sticker Buying Guide to follow that can make your customer’s trip so much easier. These guides can include every piece of information your customers are usually looking for when they are searching for their next car. The best thing is that these stickers can print directly from your Inventory Online account making it easier than ever.


Benefits of Custom Automotive Inventory Window Stickers

You can easily reinforce your dealership’s branding and catch more attention. Window stickers are a great way to enhance your overall inventory as it can include many different topics and information that customers may want to know. This way they can get a great idea of the vehicle before asking any possible questions. Plus, all the information is right there for you to see as well. Some customers even keep the stickers afterward so they have all the important information in one convenient place.


These window stickers offer many advantages that you might not see anywhere else, including designing your own template. We also have Kelley Blue Book window stickers along with stickers with CARFAX certification. These stickers are perfect for used vehicles to help gain customer trust with accurate information. Other information you can include on your stickers includes EPA estimated MPG ratings, mobile marketing GoCodes, and so much more. Make each window sticker stand out and offer as much information as possible.


What to Include on Custom Inventory Window Stickers and Buyer’s Guides

You may wonder what can be added to an Inventory Window Sticker Buying Guide. You can have many things included on these stickers including your dealer’s state-specific warranties and even customizable. You can also include optional warranties information specific to all “certified” programs. There is also a buyer’s guide label that includes the year, make, model, engine, and more and it is all built into the software for easy access. These labels use the highest quality available and are easy to print off.


Seeking out the best window stickers ends easily with us at PGI Auto. Having an Inventory Window Sticker Buying Guide on your vehicle is important not just because it is very informative for your customers, but it also makes things easier for everyone involved. If you have any questions or want to purchase some, you can contact us at 877-622-2291 or you can send us a message via our website.

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