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Key Dealership Inventory Performance Metrics

If you are having trouble improving your inventory, there are some key metrics you can look for in order to help improve it. These Key Dealership Inventory Performance Metrics are your keys to success when it comes to better overall inventory performance. There are three big keys you can look for to help maintain good inventory performance.

First Key Dealership Inventory Performance

There are many questions you can ask yourself to help look for the key features that can show you how your inventory is performing. One of the first of the many Key Dealership Inventory Performance Metrics you should look for is: which vehicles are the most searched? Knowing this is key to your success. For example, when people search for a specific vehicle of interest on top third party marketplaces, are your vehicles being displayed in the search results and are they easily accessible? Tracking these results can help you see which makes and models are hot sellers and most desirable. Also, pricing is important as competitive pricing help ensure that consumers keep your vehicles within their comparison set when comparing it around. This is just one step to help you gain your desired goals when it comes to inventory performance.

Search Results and Key Dealership Inventory Performance Metrics

Another key metric to look for is which vehicles have better SRP to VDP conversions over other vehicles. When you search for the vehicles, you should look at which ones get the lost and which ones get the least amount of clicks. Price allows attracts to your inventory but your stand-out inventory merchandising is what pulls them in completely. It is what makes them more interested. Another question to ask yourself is which channels gives your dealership the best results. Basically, it is finding out which third-party sites give you the most page views and search results for your vehicles in your inventory. Overall, to get the best ROI from your great inventory, you’ll want to make sure you are tracking VDP and leads across everything you have that is digital.

Overall, these three big keys are just the start to help get your inventory in the direction you want to go. Remember these simple Key Dealership Inventory Performance Metrics for help. Here at PGI Auto, our goal is to help your inventory out in any way we can which is why offer tips as well as plenty of products like video inventory and more. If you have any questions or would like more information, you can contact us by going to our site as well.

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