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On-Lot Video for Car Dealers

Keeping your customers engaged with your dealership inventory and converting those leads into actual sales can often hinge on how much a potential customer trusts your site or listings. Gain and retain customer trust while better illustrating your inventory’s best features with On-Lot Video for Car Dealers from PGI Auto. Like with photos, automotive video helps your customers better research the vehicles they’re looking for, and they keep your customers coming back to your site as an authority.

Benefits of On-Lot Video Services for Dealers

Take advantage of the increase in internet use within the automotive purchase process. With On-Lot Video for Car Dealers, PGI Auto wants to help dealers make the most out of their online inventory. Video is an essential piece of keeping customers engaged with your vehicle listings, helping to illustrate how the vehicle’s design and features relate to its performance. Automotive video can work as a preliminary online test drive for many potential customers.

There is also a transparency component to making videos available with your inventory. By illustrating your vehicles, customers can get not only get a better look at how the vehicle itself functions, but how it looks as well. This way, customers can compare your listing to the vehicle they are seeing, including the car’s condition. And with automotive video services from PGI Auto, you get professional quality media from a local representative with years of experience who will both make your inventory look its best and handle it all with the utmost care.

Additional Video Services for Car Dealers

There are additional advantages to PGI Auto’s On-Lot Video for Car Dealers. Our inventory system can use portions of your dealer inventory (including our on-lot photography) to automatically create interactive video for your entire inventory, engaging your customers even further. This way, your inventory becomes a full audio and visual experience for your customers.

Our inventory management services are also compatible with other video services, so you can integrate your YouTube and Google feeds to provide this service to customers without hassle. Our video inventory services also include web distribution, integration into a PGI Digital Marketing™ inventory gallery for ease of access, customized messages for your dealership within our videos, and calls to action for easy customer contact.

To find out more about how our on-lot photography/video or video inventory services might benefit your dealership and inventory presentation, do not hesitate to contact PGI Auto today. We are available by phone at 877-622-2291 or through the contact form here on the website.

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