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Tips for Better Inventory Management Online

Managing your inventory is key when it comes to getting the best results. If your inventory is unorganized, it can create tons of problems later. If you need help managing your inventory and are seeking Tips for Better Inventory Management Online, we at PGI Auto can help you. We offer three different services depending on what is right for you and we are always happy to lend a hand.

Advantages for Better Automotive Inventory Management

The biggest package we offer is Inventory Online Ultimate which includes many different additions that can help you out. For example, our Inventory Online Ultimate includes window stickers and buyer’s guides, CARFAX integration, image enhancement for new and used cars, mobile IOL, pricing matrix, price analysis, and so much more. All of these additions can help you make your inventory more organized as well as attract more customers.

There is also Inventory Online Overdrive that we have which gives you the powerful tools you need to effectively merchandise your inventory thanks to features including Power Writer, Near-Time Network, RepGauge, and more. If you are just seeking the essentials, our Inventory Online Essentials service gives you what you need to help boost your marketing and overall presentation. Some of the benefits include vehicle distribution and dealership branding with features like unlimited vehicle syndication, window stickers, and more.

Tips for Better Online Inventory Management Practices

Besides the services we offer, there are also many tips you can take to help start improving inventory right now. These Tips for Better Inventory Management Online can get you exactly where you want. For example, using the appropriate software to help you manage it is a smart thing to consider as it can handle all the heavy lifting for you. This way, you can easily figure out what to order and when to order it. If your inventory is off, you may accidentally order too many of the same vehicle causing a surplus on your lot, which in turn, can lose you tons of money. Every vehicle on your lot is like a pile of cash and the longer it sits there, the more the pile dwindles down.

If you follow these simple Tips for Better Inventory Management Online, you will start to see an increase in sales and organization. There are a lot of different things you can do and we are here to help. At PGI Auto, we offer many different programs, tools, and software to help build your marketing practices. If you have any questions, you can contact us at 877-622-2291 as we are happy to help!

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