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What to Include in a New Car Window Sticker

There is so much information you can put on your car window sticker but some information may be a little less useful than most. It is important to know What to Include in a New Car Window Sticker as it is your way of getting the most important information to the customer.

Information on a Standard Car Window Sticker

The first five things that you need to include should never be left off any car window sticker as they are the main points customers look for. The obvious information is the model information which includes make, model, trim, year, and should be easily noticeable in the top left or right corner. It also tells the engine and transmission combination as well as color. The other two important aspects of information includes standard and optional equipment. This includes exterior and interior features, safety, convenient features, and more.

From there, the last two of the top five things you need to know in order to know What to Include in a New Car Window Sticker is warranty information and pricing. When customers look at vehicles, obviously they want to know what kind of warranty they will get and what the price is. When it comes to the price, however, it should just be a breakdown of the base price, fees, and additional options if any.

Other Information for New Car Window Stickers

Now that you got the top five things that should be included on a window sticker, there are also many other things you can include as well. Other things you can include involve parts content information, total overall price, fuel economy label, QR code, and safety ratings. These last aspects of information are very important as well as it can give an idea of the final price as well as other important questions someone might ask. Fuel ratings and safety ratings fall on this list.

The overall goal of window stickers is to include all the basic information of the vehicle that customers are bound to ask every time. This way, it is right there for them. That is why it is important to know What to Include in a New Car Window Sticker. We at PGI Auto offer window sticker services that will easily print directly from your inventory. We want to help you get the most from your stickers. You can contact us at 877-622-2291 or stop by our site.

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