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What to Include on Your Dealership's Car Window Sticker

Seeking out ways to improve your business can be difficult but we at PGI Auto offer many different products to help further your dealer and gain more customers. One of these products is the ability to customize car window stickers which include information about your vehicles. Thinking about What to Include on Your Dealership's Car Window Sticker is a vital question to answer when it comes to helping better educate your customers and reinforcing your branding in doing so.

What are Car Window Stickers?

Car window stickers have numerous benefits, including their durability, the ability to provide upfront vehicle information, and ease of use and reproduction for each vehicle in your inventory. After designing your template with proper dealership branding, you can easily create new stickers with only a few clicks!

Window stickers are a versatile tool for any dealership as a transparent way to offer information to your customers about any given vehicle and its features, add-ons, and more. Window stickers from PGI Auto are customizable to your dealership’s branding and your personal desires, from template, to color, to information included, and you can print them off easily directly from your website’s online inventory.

Vital Information to Include on a Car Window Sticker

You may wonder what to include on your car window stickers to gain the most attention. From the car specifications to your dealership’s logo, these stickers are informative in so many ways. The best way to approach what information to include is to find the common questions all customers ask about your inventory, such as a vehicle’s year, make, model, MPG rating, and trim details or additional features. And, of course, when you are thinking about What to Include on Your Dealership's Car Window Sticker, accurate information is a must.

Kelley Blue Book and Carfax certification are also available options, adding to the trust and transparency you provide to your customers and the trust you get in return on any sale. Accurate information is also always vital in helping build trust and puts your customers more at ease with their purchase decision.

We can also easily help you decide What to Include on Your Dealership's Car Window Sticker and how to design them in order to make things easier for you. Our products are all about saving you time and effort you’d like to otherwise spend on your own sales floor, while also helping generate more leads and sales for your dealership. If you have any questions, you can easily contact us at 877-622-2291, and we are happy to offer more information.

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