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Window Stickers

Window Stickers

With window stickers and buyers guides from PGI Data Solutions, you can save your dealership time and money with full-color, customized stickers and guides that print directly from your Inventory Online account! Reinforce your dealership’s branding and catch customer attention with attractive, visual stickers with all the information your customers want when looking for their next car. With stickers and guides from PGI Data Solutions, get 24-hour sticker reorder delivery, print batches directly from Inventory Online, design templates for stickers and guides, and create new stickers with a few quick clicks!

Also available from PGI Data Solutions are Kelley Blue Book window stickers, along with stickers carrying CARFAX certification! Gain customer trust with accurate information and transparent values next to your sales prices, ensuring to your buyers that they’re getting the car they truly want. Kelley Blue Book window stickers are only available with Kelley Blue Book Merchandising, also available from PGI Data Solutions.

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